XT H 225



  • Choice of different proprietary microfocus X-ray sources
    • 180 kV Transmission target
    • 225 kV Reflection target
    • Optional rotating target (ST only)
  • Choice of Varex flat panels
  • Real-time X-ray visualization, fast CT reconstruction
  • CT measuring volume up to X:450 mm, Y:350 mm, Z:750 mm (ST version)
  • 5-axis fully programmable part manipulator
  • Customizable macros automate measurement workflow
  • Small footprint


XT H 225 ST 2X (stretched)



  • Flexibility combined in a single system: X-ray for
    quick visual inspection, CT for in-depth analysis
  • Fast data capture and high-quality images
  • Fast operation with interactive joystick navigation
  • High-resolution digital imaging and processing
  • Safe system requiring no special precautions or badges
  • Tight integration with industry standard postprocessing applications

XT H 320



  • Proprietary 320 kV microfocus X-ray source
  • Run highly accurate inspection on dense industrial objects
  • Easy system operation and low cost-of-ownership
  • Stunning images providing great insight
  • High performance image acquisition and volume processing
  • Straightforward inspection automation
  • Safety first

XT H 450



  • Unique open-tube 450 kV microfocus source
  • High-brilliance source available (option)
  • Different imaging options
    • Varex flat panel detector (XT H 450 3D)
    • Curved Linear array Detector (XT 450 2D)
    • Combination of plat panel and CLDA detector
  • Measuring volume up to 600 mm diameter and 600 mm height
  • 5-axis fully programmable turntable manipulator with precision ball screws and linear slides
  • Dedicated application for automatic pass/fail inspection of turbine blades

In-house design & build sources



180 kV transmission target

Applicable for samples smaller than 10 mm, such as small rock cores or bone samples, the transmission target operates up to 180 kV to achieving a minimum spot size of 1 µm leading to high resolution CT.

225 kV reflection target

With up to 225 kV and a minimum spot size of 3 µm, the 225 kV microfocus source is the core of Nikon’s XT H 225 range, devising flexibility to cope with a range of sample sizes and densities.

225 kV rotating target option

Nikon Metrology is the only company to produce an industrial 225 kV rotating target option. Using a rotating target, the electron beam falls on a moving instead of a fixed surface, which yields much more effective cooling. This offers the opportunity to measure objects faster, or denser objects with higher accuracy than using a conventional static 225 kV.

320 kV source

The 320 kV source is a unique microfocus source for samples too large or dense for 225 kV whilst still maintaining a small spot size. Ideal for rock cores and small castings, the source is an option in the XT H 320 cabinet.

450 kV static and high brilliance source

The unique 450 kV microfocus source gives industry leading performance for small high density or small to medium castings with unrivalled power and resolution. Nikon’s 450 kV high-brilliance source
delivers 450 W continuous power, without any measurement time restriction, whilst maintaining a smaller spot size for faster CT scanning, collecting data up to 5x faster or with higher accuracy in a similar scan duration
of the default 450 kV.


Multi-metal target

Often, using a lower energy X-ray emission is beneficial in material analysis and that can be achieved with the multi-metal target. Beside the standard tungsten (W) target, the operator can easily select from three other target materials: silver (Ag), molybdenum (Mo) and copper (Cu).