Digital microscopes

All digital microscopes will give the advantage that everybody can look and discuss the same interesting area on the same image. As you can see below we have many option so we are happy to assist you with the perfect setup.

No experience is needed to look trough eyepieces (like traditional microscopes)

Optical zoom is included in all models (all models have a very big zoom ratio)

Camera can be HD, UHD or even the maximum 4K models

Accessories: many options

  • Illumination: Ring, UV, fiber, arms, diascopic, dark field…
  • Stands: standard, motorized z-axis, bridge model, custom made…
  • Lenses: extra lenses for more or less magnification range
  • Controllers, software, screens, …


Long working distance models

  • No camera in the way of eye line
  • 500 mm or 1000mm working distance models available (WD500 or WD1000)

  • 4K or Full HD models available

  • 30x optical zoom standard for these models
  • Screen and microscope in one line

  • Big dept of focus (due to long working distance)

Build in intelligence models

  • Build-in network connection (images storing & e-mail)

  • Build-in USB connection

  • Lens distortion correction

  • App option:
    • Image stacking (EDF)
    • 2D Measurements (iso17025)
    • Image overlay
    • DXF overlay
    • Side by side image compare

Standard models

Bridge model