Stereo Microscopes (working microscopes)

The Nikon Product range offers a broad range of Stereo Microscopes and Accessories, including a R&D microscope system with the world’s highest zoom ratio, superb resolution and bright fluorescence imaging.

The modularity makes these microscopes a perfect tool for inspection, assembling and working. The setup can be starting a basic system up to a fully automated and software controller inline tool.

Contact us for assistance within all these options (motorized/manual stage, imaging, illumination (epi, dia, ring, arms…), ergonomic, magnification…).

Zoom Ratio Type
SMZ-25 25 :1 Parallel
SMZ-18 18 :1 Parallel
SMZ-1270 (i) 12.7 :1 Parallel
SMZ-800N 8 :1 Parallel
SMZ-745 (T) 7.5 :1 Greenough
SMZ-460/445 4.4 :1 Greenough
SMZ-25 5 :1 Greenough