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MEASURETEC is your partner for destructive and non-destructive analyzing and metrology systems within Benelux.

As a preferred partner of Nikon Metrology and Presi we represent very trustworthy high-end products. This combined with colleagues that have many years of experience within this field we are convinced we can assist you with your challenges.

The products we can offer are visible on our website or we could discuss them in person with you if you contact us.


Measuretec’s 2 main focus fields :

* Analyzing systems :

Cutting-, embedding-, polishing systems, light microscopes, stereo microscopes, digital microscopes, 3D microscopes, X-ray, CT, …

* Metrology:

Optical automated measuring systems, CNC measuring systems, manual measuring microscopes, profile projectors, X-ray, CT, …


Next to the advice, install and training, Measuretec can also offer you a wide range of measuring services, calibrations, repairs for all above or similar system.

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When selling a measuring system, an annual service & calibration is always offered. This is also in your interest to be able to offer certainty that the measurements are 100% correct according to the specifications of the machine. During our visit, we look after the mechanical functioning of the system, think: adjusting the optics and checking the drive and guides.