Semiconductor solutions

In the semiconductor manufacturing process, wafers are following a trend toward ever thinner thicknesses. Nikon s outstanding proprietary technology makes optimal solutions for these “no-error” market.



NWL200: Nikon Wafer Loader 200

  • Fully secured wafer loader to our L200N microscopes for full manual or automated inspection.
  • Incl: wafer alignment, cross-slot-detection, mark detection (notch, flat or double flat), cassette programs, sample programs, good/not-good put back, 6 & 8 inch…
  • Option: Macro inspection, Macro image capturing, IR, …

NWL200 + L200N

Automated systems:

  • 6,8,12 inch loader with L200 or L300 microscope
    • Extra KLARF compare
    • Extra wobler/macro
    • 1 or 2 port loader
    • Clossed or open system
  • 6,8,12 inch loader with NEXIV system
    • Same extra options as microscope setup
    • NEXIV (VMZ-S range) for metrology purposes
    • NEXIV (VMZ-K range) for metrology and topography purposes (confocal)


OST3200: OPTISTATION3200 (2 foup port)

Engineered to provide cost-effective support for 300mm wafers with a minimal footprint, the Optistation features an advanced micro/macro system in a compact, flexible design. The optical system offers brighter images, and observation techniques can be programmed for each objective magnification and each substrate layer to be inspected.